Taufiqur Rahman


Certificate in law, University of Wolverhampton,
LL.B (Honours),University of Thames Valley, U.K,
Barrister- at- Law of the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn,
Post Graduate Diploma in law (PSDL),
City University UK,
Advocate of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh.
Head of Chamber of T.Rahman & Associates
Adjunct Faculty Member of East West University
Founder of Shamsur Rahman Foundation

Arunav Das Shuvro

Head of Laws

Barrister at Law, Lincoln’s Inn, UK.
Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh, BD.
Arbitrators Trainer, BIAC & ILI Washington DC, USA.
Head of Laws and Director, London College of Legal Studies (North).
Faculty Member, Department of Law, American International University of Bangladesh.
Vice President and Coordinator of Global Research Affairs, Shouharda Foundation.
PGD Bar Professional Training (University of Northumbria at Newcastle, UK)
Bachelor of Laws, LL.B (University of London, UK)
Masters of Laws, LLM (Cardiff University, UK) (cont)
Masters in Criminology and Criminal Justice, MCCJ (University of Dhaka, Bangladesh)
PGD, International Relationship (University of Dhaka, Bangladesh)
PGD, Genocide Studies (University of Dhaka, Bangladesh)
PGC - Politics (University of Oxford, UK) (cont)
ACRM – Institution of Education and Research (University of Dhaka, Bangladesh)
B Sc in Applied Accounting (Oxford Brookes University, UK) (cont)
ACCA (ACCA, UK) (cont)

Asif Rahmatullah

Director of Academic Affairs and International Relations

Barrister at Law, Lincoln’s Inn, UK.
Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh, BD
Director of Academic Affairs and International Relations
Associate Barrister at Legal Counsel
LL.B. Hon’s (University of London, UK)
Secretary of Legal Affairs at Shouharda Youth Foundation

Junayed Mohammed Hashib

Director of Operation and Disciplinary Committee

Barrister- At – Law, Lincoln’s Inn, UK.
Masters In Laws,LLM (Coventry University)
Bachelor in Laws,LLB (University of London)


Bachelor of Laws (LLB. Hons)

  1. Standard Entry Rough
  2. Graduate Entry Rough

Entry requirements

To be eligible to register for the LLB(Hons.) course, students taking British GCSE/GCE O Levels and A Levels will need:

  • Either two subjects at GCE A Level and at least 3 further subjects at GCSE or GCE o Level at grade C or above.
  • Or three subjects at GCE A Level And one further subject at GCSE or GCE O Level at grade C or above.
  • Or two subjects at GCE A Level and two further subjects at AS Level.

Programme aims and values of UOL External Program

The Laws Programme is committed to:

Offering expert guidance in law. Our study materials are informed by current research and scholarship and engage with contemporary legal issues. Students are offered the opportunity not only to know the law but to understand it.

Providing a wealth of resources. With our Online Library and Laws Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), you have a resource-rich learning environment in which to develop your legal research skills.

Promoting independent learning. We support you in developing your capacity to manage your own learning.

By studying with us you will:

Acquire knowledge and understanding of the foundation subjects of Common Law.

Learn to analyse and critically evaluate legal and non-legal primary and secondary materials.

Develop critical awareness. You will learn how to stand back and consider the ‘bigger picture’, developing an awareness of the context of law, nationally and globally.

LLB Programme Structures

The LLB degree is offered under four Schemes of examination. These are as follows:

  • Scheme A- 3 Years (12 subjects):  The traditional degree in which 12 modules are taken in 3 stages.
  • Scheme B- 4 Years (12 subjects): Intended for students who wish to study at a more measured pace, with 12 subjects taken in four stages.
  • Graduate Entry Route A- 2 Years (9 subjects): Enables graduates with a degree awarded by an institution acceptable to the University of London to follow a shorter route, with nine subjects taken in two stages.
  • Graduate Entry Route B- 3 Years (9 subjects): Intended for graduates who wish to study at a more measured pace, with nine subjects taken in 3 stages.

CertHE in Common Law (Diploma in Law)

The CertHE Common Law is a qualification in its own right that also provides an entry route to degree study. The modules studied in the CertHE Common Law are the same as the Level 4 modules of the LLB. The CertHE Common Law may be studied either full-time or part-time.

London College of Legal Studies (North) is one of very few academic institutions in Bangladesh currently holding the Diploma-in-law teaching status under the University of London.

The Diploma in Law can only be studied by students at a designated institution, such as LCLS (N). Attendance at such an institution is compulsory. Once a student has successfully completed the diploma, the student may transfer to Part 1 or Year 2 of the LLB degree. Full details of arrangements for transfer are given in the Regulations for the LLB degree.

Successful Diploma students who have obtained very high marks and have taken the necessary subjects may be considered by a number of British Universities for entry as internal students into the second year of degree programme.

This is also recognized by the Bar Standard Board of UK as equal to LLB 1st Year.

Entry requirements

To be eligible to register for the Diploma in Law course the following requirements need to be satisfied:

  • A student must be of 18 years or above before 1st September of the year he/she registers with the University.
  • A student must be admitted to a course of instruction at a teaching institution who has the permission to teach the Diploma in Law course. e.g. LCLS (N)

Structure and Syllabus

Four compulsory subjects:

  • Legal System and Methods
  • Criminal Law
  • Elements of the law of Contract
  • Public Law

A Levels

Courses – A Levels (Edexcel and Cambridge)

London College of Legal Studies (North) has the highest number of students pursuing the Advanced Level (A-Level) course in Law under Edexcel International and Cambridge syllabus. LCLS (N) offers A – Level subjects –Accounting, Business Studeis, Economics, Law and Maths. LCLS (N) can proudly claim that they have the best faculties and educational material for both of these subjects. Pursuing A-Levels in Law widens up opportunities for students intending to study LLB (Hons) under UK Universities, thus paving the way for becoming successful Solicitors and Barristers. Occasionally, some new courses will also be introduced.

Entry Requirements for A-Levels

A student may take A-Levels if he or she has:

  • Completed Ordinary Level (O-Levels) or any Equivalent Course
  • Completed SSC or HSC or any Equivalent Course or,
  • Completed any other High School Degree

BTT (Bar Transfer Test)

What is BTT?

The Bar Transfer Test is the test for lawyers from overseas jurisdictions transferring to the Bar of England and Wales. A successful completion of the examination would lead to qualifying as a Barrister.

Are you qualified to undertake the BTT?

A qualified lawyer with the right of audience exercised for a period of 3 (three) years in country which administers law substantially similar to the common law of England and Wales may apply to the Qualification Committee of the BSB for the approval to undertake the test.

 Is BTT suitable for you?

If you are among the lawyers who would like to be a Barrister without spending all your savings, BTT is for you. A suitable lawyer can remain in Bangladesh, undertake the course at LCLS (North) and with the approval of BSB may become a barrister by taking the Bar Transfer Test (BTT). One will not have to go through the hassle of residing in the UK for a period of 9 (Nine) months to complete the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) and will be exempted to undertake the British  L.L.B (Hons). The route is incredibly economical and involves only a small amount of time.

What LCLS (North) is Offering?

London College of Legal Studies (North) is a registered centre of University of London International Programmes and thorough years of experience has gained excellence in teaching and mentoring students. LCLS (North) is offering its outstanding BTT Tuition Programme, where it is providing an exclusive 6 (six) month’s training comprising of regular lessons with individual lecture sheets, skill based recorded practice sessions, mock assessments, feedback classes, student counselling, application assistance, visa processing guidelines and many more.

Advocateship Enrolment Course

This course is designed for the LLB graduate who wishes to enroll in Bangladesh Bar Councile as an advocate. You will received exclusive tuition support from former Justices, practicing Barristers, learned Advocates & top ranked university Lecturers. To be the best, you need to learn from bests.

Entry Requirements

A citizen of Bangladesh who has obtained a law degree i.e., LL.B/LL.B (Hon’s) from any recognized University situated in Bangladesh or in abroad (approved by UGC) or was called to the Bar is qualified for admission in this course.

Our course

  1. Preliminary Examination (MCQ)
  2. Written Examination
  3. Viva

Exclusive Features

  • Free books (7 bare Acts) on admission
  • Classes conducted by Justices & practicing Barristers
  • Model Test & solving session after each class in the course
  • Classes on Friday, Saturday and evening at weekdays
  • Air conditioned multimedia classroom & well-equipped library facility

Clubs of North

Law Club

Moot Court Championship 2016: (organised by Legal Genesis at Parliament Members' Club Hall on August 8,2016)

LCLS North Team, comprising of Marzana Mahmood, Ali Nyl Rezwan and Khaled Shams, has won the Moot Court Championship 2016, organised by Legal Genesis at Parliament Members’ Club Hall, defeating teams from Eastern University and State University of Bangladesh in the finals to win the competition.

FUN DEBATE SESSION: (15th October,2016)

Fun Debate Session to promote public speaking skills of the students! A fun and relaxed debate session was held to break the ice and promote the student’s level of confidence in public speaking. There were 32 participants divided into 16 teams as per usual debating rules, however, the ambiance was created to improve the student’s public speaking skills to combat stage fright.


The ITAW was organized as a brief crash course for students to nurture their advocacy skills which will be of paramount importance in their career building as lawyers. The workshop was open to all law students from within and beyond LCLS(N). The trainers were external experts and Barristers to conduct the daly long workshops consisting of four practice sessions. Certificates were given to the students who had successfully partaken in ITAW. The response was of the participants was great and LCLS (N) looks forward to organizing the ITAW every year!

Public Speaking Competition: (24th March, 2017 organized by UWE Bristol and LCLS (North) )

The art of public speaking must be mastered by every lawyer. LCLS(N) focuses on this as a vital skill. 13 participants out of many were shortlisted on to partake in this competition organized by UWE, Bristol, UK. Each partcipant was allotted 10 minutes and were given a surprise topic to speak on. They were judged by a foreign and two local academics. The students enjoyed the challenge. Such competitions even in the past have helped our students gain confidence, overcome stage fright through the regular public speaking workshops and competitions held by LCLS(N).


LCLS - North Central Students' Union organized the Dhaka North Marathon 2016 where students who showed solidarity to fight cancer ran the entire northern circuit starting from Hatirjheel - covering Gulshan - and ending in Banani at London College of Legal Studies - LCLS - North campus. November 4,2016 WE ALL RAN FOR CANCER ! The winners received 10, 000 BDT to donate to a cancer patient. Congratulations ! LCLS North also provided certificates to those who participated and to those who finished.

Cultural Club

Movie night before eid holiday:
The cultural club of LCLS(N) always keep things exciting around here. In the festive mood of eid holidays the LCLS(N) family went to watch Suicide Squad at Jamuna Future Park on 8th September 2016.
80s Disco Night: (29th October,2016)
The 80's DISCO NIGHT entertained the students and faculty with a Dj to enjoy groovy music and a disco ball with a rooftop illuminated with neon lights, and a dazzling dance floor. There was feasting on BBQ and the group enjoyed fireworks under the open sky. The event even demanded an award best retro costume winner to be selected amongst all the fashionable 80’s stars.

Pohela Boishakh:
Pohela Boishakh was a hit at LCLS(N) in 2017. The frenzy of the Bengali version of a ferris wheel, Nagordola, and the aroma of the Pantha Eelish at the food stall made everyone’s day. The Cultural Programme hosted by the faculty and the contribution of the freshers by singing, dancing and making the event possible, it was a great start to the year! The colourful dresses and celebration with the LCLS(N) family was absolute madness.

Sports Club

Watching the Bangladesh V England in stadium: (7th October,2016)
On 7th October 2016, LCLS(N) Sports Club organised a trip to the Bangabandhu National Stadium to watch a cricket match between Bangladesh v England. The group enjoyed together cricket that drives the nation crazy.

It has been home to all seasonal sport since the very beginning. The sports club at LCLS(N) makes it a point that the college is engaged in one sport or another throughout the year, whichever compliments the season in question; be it football in the heat of the summer or cricket in spring or badminton in winter. So if you are a sports nut, you know where to be!


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About Us

London college of Legal Studies (North) is a place of vibrancy, energy and excitement. It is an abode to a diversity of people, perspectives and opinions provides unparallel opportunities to study law in an energetic and creative ‘legal’ environment.

The Institution was founded in 2004 by Barrister Taufiqur Rahman, principal. Since then LCLS (North) has flourished and grown and is now home to more than hundred law graduates and to be graduates. LCLS (North) endeavors to give its members a rewarding, richly resourced, and intellectually inspiring environment in which to pursue their education and research.

Deciding where to study can be difficult decision. LCLS (N) is passionate about encouraging students to choose wisely what they do with their education. We are committed to give every student their first law school experience both in and out of the class room.